Embrace the Indoors

Get engaged, stay motivated & make the most of your indoor training.

The Royal City Cycling club hosts four unique virtual rides. Our signature event, the Royal City Rumble is a free to join Zwift Meet-Up for cyclists of all ability levels. Join our events to connect, compete and share your passion for cycling.



Zwift Racing League










Community Level Club Members are invited to ride the RC Social, RC Rumble & compete for the team in the Zwift Racing League.

*Rouleur Level Club Membership is required to attend the RC After Party & Club Training Sessions. 


Virtual Racing for Everyone

Compete for our team and find that extra motivation knowing we're all in this together. Just as important, connect with teammates and enjoy the camaraderie of pre-race strategy and post-race chit-chat. Live chat on our club discord server to hash out who attacked when and why their legs were so good. 

Contact me to join our roster.  


Royal City Social

On Wednesday nights we'll ride as a pack the entire time. This is a great ride to keep you committed to your routine and get some extra kilometers in with teammates. 

Just Ride Along


All club members are invited to the free Zwift Meet-Up hosted by Kyle Boorsma and the Royal City Cycling Club. 

Ready for the invite?

  1. Use the Zwift Companion App to follow Kyle Boorsma.

  2. Click "CLUB MEMBERSHIPS" and choose the membership level that's right for you. Our Community Level Membership is Free!

That's it! Once joined, you'll see the invite in the Events Menu of the Zwift Companion App. 


RC After Party

& Point Classification Contest Starting December 10th

It's the virtual version of Watsonberg & the final effort back to Arkell. Enjoy that familiar feeling plus the excitement of scoring points for our Point Classification Contest. This is an exclusive meet-up for Rouleur Level Members. Community Level Members are invited to join until December 10th. 


RC Workout

Training Plan for Peak Performance

Each workout is designed as part of an on-going, seasonal plan for improved overall fitness, skill development and tactical racing performance. This is an exclusive meet-up for Rouleur Level Members. 

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