Rouleur Membership

Rouleur Membership


Access everything included at the Community Level Plus, Rouleur Members can:

  • Ride the exclusive RC After Party meet-up 

  • Take part in our club's Training Program

  • Participate in Contests to win prizes

  • Receive perks from our product partners

  • Member Acknowledgment

    Purchaser acknowledges they have read and understand all contest rules. Including but not limited to:

    - Registering for a personal Zwift subscription.

    - Eligible Virtual Cycling Events.

    - Equipment (verifiable power source if required).

    - Result/Power/Participation verification via Zwift and/or ZwiftPower website.

    - Selecting the correct Race Category.

    - Prize distribution.

    It is the purchaser's responsibility to register for and connect their Zwift and ZwiftPower accounts. As well as join the "Royal City Cycling" ZwiftPower team.