Team LPC vs. Royal City NYE Bash

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Thursday, Dec 31st at 10AM

The Event: One lap road race of Watopia's "Sands & Sequoias". We'll use a wave start with the women going off at the start of the meet-up and the men waiting 4 minutes before beginning. The route begins fast and flat but features a modest KOM in the back half of the course. The finish is flat and the winner is likely to be a solo escapist or the best sprinter from a select group. As always, all abilities can join just be prepared to go hard! 

How to join: This is a private event for LPC and Royal City Rouleur Level Members only.

Team ID: We are requesting all riders wear the identifying jersey of their team.

teamLPC = Black and Red Basic 5

Royal City = Black and Yellow Basic Kit 1 “Bumble Bee”

I've done some recon for the event. See pics and use this info to create your stem guides: 

Route: Watopia - Sands & Sequoias

Wave Start: The women will set off right at the beginning of the meet-up. So, start powering up ~5-10 seconds before the clock hits 0:00. The men will wait at the start of the meet-up for 4 minutes. That means stop pedaling ~5-10 seconds before the meet-up begins and don't start turning the cranks until 10:04 AM. You're in-game clock wont start so have a separate timer ready. I'll be timing and send a "GO!" message to signal the start. There is no neutral roll-out.

Titan's Grove KOM (2.6km @2.2%): Begins at 12.8km*

500m* To Go: The second time through the start of the Fuego Flats Sprint you'll have 500m* to the Finish.

Finish: Blue Banner at 22.8km. at the final sprint use the "distance remaining" indicator on the dashboard (blue, bottom right) as the finish is at the Meet-Up Finish (= Blue Banner). This will be very close but slightly different from the Fuego Flats Sprint finish (= Rock Arches Banner).

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road.


  • Individual Points = Place of Finish. Example, 1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd place and so on. Results will be filtered and women and men will be scored separately.

  • Team Score = sum of the points for the first 4 riders to finish for each team.

  • Winning team = team with the fewest points.

  • Categories = Women, Men, Mixed (2 women + 2 men).

  • Bonus = Deduct 1 point from your team score if you complete the race in a Tux or Evening Gown. Send your pics for confirmation to Mark Linseman.

A few reminders so that things go smoothly:

  • Power Ups are fair game! 

  • No TT Bikes. If you need to change bikes you can do so in the game by going into your garage and selecting a road bike. 

  • Get your warm-up/activation done before joining the meet-up. 

  • Results will show up when you cross the finish and available when viewing your activity in the Companion App. 

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