Sweet Sprints

Thursday, October 29nd at 6:30PM

The Ride: We'll be targeting 4 intermediate Sprints on course. Today will be a day where Peak Power and the "Aero Boost" Power-Up will be most important for performance. We'll specifically target efforts of Ballon Sprint, Aqueduct KOM, Pave Sprint & Marina Sprint Rev. with easy recovery on the flat road in between. On approach to the segments we'll take ~500m to gradually build up to speed. Hopefully, we can capture the green sprinters jersey for the fastest time on these segments. The meetup will end just past the Finish Banner of the Marina Sprint Rev.

Route details for France's Douce France are on Zwift Insider here: https://zwiftinsider.com/france/

I've recon'd the course for the event. See pics and use this info to create your stem guides: 

Ballon Sprint: (0.21km) Begins at 7.0km* Aqueduct KOM: (0.42km @3.0%) Begins at 11.2km* Pave Sprint: (0.33km) Begins at 13.1km*

Marina Sprint Rev.: (0.34km) Begins at 24.3km* Finish: Blue Banner at 24.7*. The meet-up will end approximately at (or slightly past) the Finish Banner of the Marina Sprint Rev.

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road. 

A few reminders so that things go smoothly:

  • Power Ups are fair game! 

  • No TT Bikes. If you need to change bikes you can do so in the game by going into your garage and selecting a road bike. 

  • Get your warm-up/activation done before the meet-up. 

  • Results will show up when you cross the finish and available when viewing your activity in the Companion App. 

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