Innsbruck KOM & Sprint

Thursday, March 11th at 6:30PM & 7:20PM

The Event: The first meet-up, the Royal City Rumble @ 6:30PM, will be an Aussie pursuit-style event that tackles the Category 2 climb to the finish of the Innsbruck KOM. Our second meet-up, the RC After Party @7:20PM, is a 7.5km road race finishing at the Innsbruck Sprint.

The Royal City Rumble: An Australian Pursuit begins with a staggered start. Riders go off at different time intervals (usually strongest last) but the objective remains the same: first to cross the finish line wins. Riders at different points along the road can work together (or not) to gain an advantage on competitors. Riders will go off in three wave starts. Waves are self selected but a good rule of thumb is to follow the Zwift rider (A,B,C,D) classification: 

Zwift rider classifications are based on relative ability level (using Functional Threshold Power = FTP). Take a look here for more info: Wave Start #, (Suggested Rider Classification), Time Gap  Wave 1 (C & D) @ +0:00  Wave 2 (A & B) @ +2:00  Wave 3 (A & A+) @ +4:00 

So, when you're in the start area don't start pedaling until your wave start time! 

It's also a good idea to pace yourself off the start rather than blasting it right out the gate. This will benefit you and all the riders in your group. A group that comes together quickly and works well together will be the fastest moving riders on the road.

Tip: Use the green rider displays on the right side of the screen to see who's around you, time gaps and how hard those riders are pedaling.

Route details for Innsbruck's "2018 UCI Worlds Course Short Lap" are on Zwift Insider here:

See pics (below) and use this info to create your stem guides:

Start: Wave Start. See above for self selected wave guidelines.

Route: We leave the city center and head directly to the Innsbruck KOM (7.4km @6%). The KOM officially begins at 3.6km.

Finish: Blue Meet-Up Banner at 11.3km. Use the "distance remaining" indicator on the dashboard (blue, bottom right) as the finish is at the Meet-Up Finish (= Blue Banner). This will be very close but slightly different from the Red Innsbruck KOM Finish Banner.

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road.

The RC After Party:

The key to success will be surviving the leg snapper and producing a good sprint off a hot pace.

Route details for Innsbruck's "Innsbruckring" are on Zwift Insider here:

Neutral Start: 0.5km*. Stick with the ride leader and we'll ride easy until it's time to not ride easy ;)

Course "Opens": Racing will begin at the "UCI Start/Finish Gantry". Any time beyond that you're free to launch your move!

Route: "Flat" 9km Lap. There is one short steep pitch (0.4km @7.5%) starting ~5km* into the lap. Watch out! This is a leg snapper! Expect a difficult finish as this pitch tops out just under 2km from the Innsbruck Sprint finish.

Finish: Green Sprint Banner at 7.5km. We'll race to the Innsbruck Sprint Green Finish Banner. You can forget about the Blue Meet-Up Finish Banner this week (ie. no "race results" to enable "late-join").

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road.

A few reminders so that things go smoothly:

  • Power Ups are fair game! 

  • No TT Bikes. If you need to change bikes you can do so in the game by going into your garage and selecting a road bike. 

  • Get your warm-up/activation done before the meet-up. 

  • Results will show up when you cross the finish and available when viewing your activity in the Companion App. 

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