Champs d'Elysees

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Thursday, September 24th at 6:30PM

The Ride: With the tour wrapping up on Sunday the fourth edition of the RC Rumble is a nod to the race's final stage in Paris. Completing 3 circuits (plus lead-in) of Zwift's virtual Champs d'Elysees our ride will also be a day for the sprinters. We'll target efforts of Zwift's "Lutece Sprint" each lap (matching the intermediate sprint point of the real tour) with easy recovery in between. I will ride lead-out duty to the sprint so we can chase fast times on the segment (details below). Hopefully, we can put someone into the green sprinters jersey for the fastest time of the day. After the 3rd sprint it's a free for all to the meet-up finish: around the Arc du Triomphe, back down montee des Champs d'Elysees, around Jardain des Tuileries and through the chicane to the finish. Just like in the real tour ;) 

The Lead Out: 

  • Beginning at the bottom of montee des Champs d'Elysees we'll gradually increase the effort to maintain ~30-32km/h. This starts ~400m past the Orange Lap Finish Banner. Look for the Zwift Tent and Jumbotron on the right side of the road when things pitch up. See picture #1 below.  

  • ~400m up the climb the road levels off to 1% and we'll use this 200m long reprieve to ramp up to ~40-42km/h in anticipation of the Lutece Sprint Start (Pic #2).  

  • Lutece Sprint Begins. Hit it! Look for the green dashed line on the right side of the road (Pic #3). 

  • Sprint is 150m long and ends at the Green Banner (Pic #4). After sprint #1 & 2 use the rest of the lap to group up with me again for the next sprint. After the 3rd and final intermediate sprint it's game on to the finish of the meet-up. 

Route details for the virtual Champs d'Elysees are on Zwift Insider here:

Here's the map of the real tour stage: 

I've recon'd the course for the event. See pics and use this info to create your stem guides: 

Lutece Sprint 1Begins at 4.5km* Lutece Sprint 1Begins at 11.1km* Lutece Sprint 1Begins at 17.7km* Finish: Blue Banner at 23.2*. The meet-up will end approximately at (or slightly past) the Lap Finish Banner. 

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road. 

A few reminders so that things go smoothly:

  • Power Ups are fair game! 

  • No TT Bikes. If you need to change bikes you can do so in the game by going into your garage and selecting a road bike. 

  • Get your warm-up/activation done before the meet-up. 

  • Results will show up when you cross the finish and available when viewing your activity in the Companion App. 

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