All Nighter

Thursday, January 6th at 7:00PM

The Royal City Rumble: We'll complete 1 full lap of Makuri Islands' "Neokeo All Nighter" (= 24.6km, including lead in). Along the route we'll complete 4 reps aimed to highlight key features of the route. As always we will regroup between reps. In addition to the fitness boosting session we'll be recon'ing the upcoming Zwift Racing League course. At the start, we'll roll-out together as a group for 1.1km. Rep #1 begins when we reach the Food Trucks. At this point riders can take off and race to the Green Banner of the Castle Park Sprint Reverse (@ 3.1km). We'll start Rep #2 at the Alley Sprint Start and race all the way to the Green Banner of the Tower Sprint. Covering 3 sprint segments during the interval. Rep #3 is the Rooftop KOM. The final interval begins at the Arcade and finishes at the Fluro Blue Lap Banner. As always, all abilities can join just be prepared to go hard! 

I've done some recon for the event. See pics and use this info to create your stem guides: 

Route: Makuri Islands' "Neokeyo All Nighter"

Neutral Start: 1.1km* The Neutral Meet-Up Start is VERY different than Zwift races. There is no start "corral" like in Zwift races. When the Meet-Up begins we group-up from the back:

  • If you're avatar spawned behind the ride leader (Kyle; identified with the yellow arrow) pedal a bit harder to catch up.

  • If you're avatar spawned ahead of the ride leader you should be coasting or riding at <75W until the ride leader passes you.

  • Mistake: Don't try to catch up with the first rider on the road. That will pull other riders up ahead and create gaps. Pedal as needed to get into the "Ride Leader Group" and the group will pick up all riders in the Meet-Up as we head towards the Start.

Stick with the ride leader and we'll ride easy to the beginning of the interval. At that point it's time to drop the hammer. Unlike IRL bike racing we will actually ride easy for the neutral start. 

Rep #1: (2.0km) Start (1.1*km); End (3.1*). The interval begins at the Food Trucks and traverses mostly flat roads. The interval finishes at the Green Banner of the Castle Park Sprint Reverse (0.32km).

Rep #2: (3.8km) Start (7.7*km); End (11.5*). The interval begins at the start of the Alley Sprint (0.48km). Look for the Green Sprint Start on the left side of the road. Mid way through the interval we'll fire it up for the Castle Park Sprint (0.32km). The interval finishes at the Green Banner of the Tower Sprint (0.32km).

Rep #3: Rooftop KOM (1.9km @2.7%) Start (16.6*km); End (18.5*). Be prepared for a few steep pitches.

Rep #4: (1.8km) Start (23.5*km); End (24.3*). The interval begins at the Arcade. The interval finishes at the Fluro Blue Lap Banner.

Don't worry about Blue Meet-Up Finish Banner this week (ie. no "race results" to enable "late-join").

*Distances are approximate because every rider's avatar will spawn at a slightly different point on the road. For a fair start we begin with a neutral roll-out and group up from the back. So, please make sure to stick with the ride leader (me) until we reach the "Food Trucks" at ~1.1km. 

A few reminders so that things go smoothly:

  • Power Ups are fair game! 

  • No TT Bikes. If you need to change bikes you can do so in the game by going into your garage and selecting a road bike. 

  • Get your warm-up/activation done before the meet-up. 

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