Score and accumulate points based on your performance at select Royal City Cycling events. Prizes for the top 3 total point scorers (women & men) over the duration of the contest (January 20th to March 24th).


Crit City Race

Thursday @6:45PM ET


Women = "B" Race

Men = "A" Race


1st = 10 pts

2nd = 8 pts

 3rd = 7 pts

4th = 5 pts

5th = 4 pts

6-8th = 2 pts

9+ = 1 pts

Points will be awarded to Royal City eSports Members only. Non-members will be removed from the results. 



Contest Rules:

  • Eligibility:

    • current Royal City eSports members.

  • Equipment:

    • verified power measurements from reliable (trainer or on-bike) manufacturers is required. ​No Z-power. 

  • Categories: Women & Men

  • Eligible Event(s): Crit City Race, Thursday @6:45PM ET

  • Points: Women's & Men's leaderboard. Point breakdown above. 

  • Members must use their own Zwift subscription.

  • Prize Distribution: Members will be notified upon winning prizes. Prizes will be distributed in Guelph, ON (excluding preapproved arrangements)