Joining Royal City Cycling on ZwiftPower:

  • Subscribe to Zwift. See below to get setup on Zwift.

  • Register for a free account at ZwiftPower.com

  • Connect your Zwift & ZwiftPower accounts.

  • Login to ZwiftPower and search for Royal City Cycling on the ZwiftPower "Teams" page

  • Click "Join RC2" and you're in! 

New to Virtual Cycling? Here's what you'll need to start Zwifting

  • Zwift Subscription, Bicycle & Trainer

  • Devices that "measure" your cycling performance:

    • If using a Classic Trainer you'll require a Speed Sensor that can connect to a Laptop or Tablet at a minimum. Use a Smart Trainer or add a Power Meter, Cadence​ Sensor, HRM to enhance the game play. 

  • Devices that run the Zwift Game: Tablet, Laptop

Check out Zwift's How-to for full details.