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Kyle is an NCCP certified endurance coach. Once an elite runner and cyclist himself, Kyle has worked as a coach with many of Canada's top endurance athletes. A Masters of Science graduate from the University of Guelph, Kyle brings an evidence-based approach to his training prescription. Drawing on these experiences, Kyle provides a customized training plan that athletes of all ability levels can use to achieve their goals.  

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"At the core, my coaching philosophy is built on a 'whole person' approach. I work with athletes of all ability levels to develop their combined physical and mental skill set to achieve their health and performance goals.


My greatest asset to you as a coach

is my perspective... 


It starts by identifying the skills the athlete already has. Then, I program customized training to develop the areas with the biggest return. Workouts are built around the individual's work and family life and, of course, the training has to be engaging." 



"The physical preparation is there but a bigger effect of your coaching has been the mental part. This made it a lot more fun and also enabled me to really push the pace on a pull or attack at the top of a hill. I definitely did not have the mindset to do anything like that before."