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on two wheels

Royal City Cycling seeks to engage local riders by fostering an inclusive and encouraging cycling community. We welcome riders of all ability looking to have fun and challenge themselves. 

To provide value to our members we aim to establish our weekly ride, the Royal City Rumble, as the signature virtual cycling event in the community. Join us to ride alongside our world-class ambassador team. Enhance your experience by taking part in virtual contests and get rewarded for you efforts by winning prizes you can use in real life. 



The Royal City Cycling platform aims to create value for all members & collaborators through rides, contests and club ambassadors. To provide meaningful return on investment for our partners we aim to:


  • Foster positive experiences connected with your brand by engaging riders of all ability with an approachable and rewarding platform.

  • Create interest about your product or service amongst our members by using our platform to cultivate an attractive virtual, social media & real life point of contact for our members.

  • Enhance brand awareness by featuring your logo on the club website and select merchandise.

  • Promote your brand through social media outreach

In Collaboration with:

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